Transformasi hasil dari rutin minum Jus Celery ❤️ #Repost from @celeryjuicebenefits (@repost_media_app) repost from @awakenhealing – Can we take a minute to talk about celery juice and why this powerful herbal, now global movement is so real for so many?! Because IT’S HEALING PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC ILLNESS ALL OVER THE WORLD! • First off, is celery juice backed by medical research and science?! NO, because no one can make money off of celery juice PERIOD! Unfortunately there are a lot of naysayers out there! There was little to none when I started my healing journey. • So for that reason I wanted to share this post, in hope of helping someone who might be on the fence about drinking celery juice and starting their healing journey. To visually show them the healing possibilities of this herbal tonic and what implementing @medicalmedium information has done for not only my face but mental and physical health. • It’s been a journey let me tell you and I am still healing! But I wouldn’t trade in my experience for anything else in this world. It has truly awakened me to love and understand with complete compassion my mind, body, spirit and soul. • Our skin is our biggest organ and when our liver is filled with toxins and bacteria takes over, it takes a toll on our skin. For me it got worse fast before it got better. Why? Because our body has to take out the trash before it can clean up. That being said everyone has a different toxic load to deal with but healing is possible for everyone! • Our bodies are meant to heal themselves with the right foods, supplements, compassion, love and tender care! So if someone wants to throw their “science” at you or talk negative about celery juice, turn to the million accounts on Instagram who are performing REAL HEALING PLANT SCIENCE EVERY FREAKIN DAY ON THEMSELVES WITH AMAZING RESULTS! • @celeryjuicebenefits @medicalmedium #celeryjuicebenefits #celeryjuiceheals #celeryjuice #medicalmedium #jualseledriimport #distributorselery #jualceleryimport #celerybanjarmasin #jualcelerybanjarmasin #jualceleryjakarta #jualcelerysurabaya

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